Why Choose Us?

Are You on The Search Of Raya Hamper 2017 with the MOST REASONABLE price and the LATEST DESIGN?

Then Hamper-Raya.com is your right destination stop for Raya Hamper 2017 outlet providing affordable Raya Hampers with great values!

Dinigifts Hamper is 100% owned by Bumiputera companies, with over 6 years experience in the field hamper service. We provide hampers outstanding attractive hamper design with added values you can't find anywhere else in Malaysia!

We almost have Unique Style,traditional style, modern and certainly, you can have a VERY CHEAP PRICE and TRULY REASONABLE!

4 REASONS why you should use our services and buy Hamper from us.

1. Our Hamper Service fee is RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP and AFFORDABLE

Of course you want to save as much as possible of your money in preparation for the celebration of this feast in 2017, right? No worries! With our service, of course, and you WILL be able to save your money, you have almost craved for!!

2. Contemporary and Up-to-Date Hamper Design Service

Tired looking for hamper design you want? We are ready to help you. We are ready to provide your design according to your needs and desires!! Just tell us the hamper features you want, we will guarantee your satisfaction!

3. You can choose your hamper according to your budget.

Your budget is small and you do not want to overspend for a hamper? No need for headache!! Don't scratch your head!! Just let us know your budget, and we will provide a hamper according to your budget!

4. FREE Delivery Service at your office

Look around! Where else to find a decent delivery service like ours? You WON'T!! We valued our customers, Hesitate not we are the one and only offering this service to save your precious time! How's that?

Are you our next customer?

Fear not! We will make sure you will 100% satisfied with our service as the our current customers always do!
... And ...
Why wait any longer! Get your 2017 Raya hampers at Hampers-Raya.com before we receive thousands of orders in the fasting month and we probably will not take or accept further orders at that time.

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